Bath Toy Organization Hack for Ceramic Tile Showers

Easy bath toy organization hack that works on ceramic tile walls. 

Bath Toy Organization Hack

Toy Takeover

If you have toddlers you know that the bath toys take over a bathtub hard and fast. Typically I love watching my kids find fun and joy in something as simple as a bath, however, the mess drives me crazy. In the past I had used those little suction cup scoops to organize toys but when we moved, I found that the suction cups will not stick to ceramic tile. I needed a bath toy organization hack to help rescue my tub.

Bathtub needs toy organization

Bath Toy Organization Hack

You can easily take your tub back with a simple, common bathroom item. A shower rod! If your bath organizers won’t stick to your ceramic tile, just hang a shower rod on the back side of your tub. I bought all of my stuff from Target, including the tub scoops.

Keeping your tub free of toys - organizer

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What You Need

Shower Curtain Rod – Check to see what size you will need.

Bath Toy Scoop (or two!)

That’s it! Just Hang your rod, fill your scoop with toys and hang the handle of the scoop over the shower rod. You will want to make sure your rod is close enough to the back wall to catch the handle when you drape it over. I hung ours about 3-4 inches from the wall. So easy!

Look at that, a clean tub!

Clean tub using toy organizer

I hope this bath toy organization hack helps you keep the bathtub kid clutter to a minimum. Now someone else could probably take a shower in there without having a sea of Mickey mouse squirters and rubber duckies floating at their feet!

Do you have a great hack that you use to organize bath tub toys?