Bath Toy Organization Hack for Ceramic Tile Showers

Easy bath toy organization hack that works on ceramic tile walls. 

Bath Toy Organization Hack

Toy Takeover

If you have toddlers you know that the bath toys take over a bathtub hard and fast. Typically I love watching my kids find fun and joy in something as simple as a bath, however, the mess drives me crazy. In the past I had used those little suction cup scoops to organize toys but when we moved, I found that the suction cups will not stick to ceramic tile. I needed a bath toy organization hack to help rescue my tub.

Bathtub needs toy organization

Bath Toy Organization Hack

You can easily take your tub back with a simple, common bathroom item. A shower rod! If your bath organizers won’t stick to your ceramic tile, just hang a shower rod on the back side of your tub. I bought all of my stuff from Target, including the tub scoops.

Keeping your tub free of toys - organizer

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What You Need

Shower Curtain Rod – Check to see what size you will need.

Bath Toy Scoop (or two!)

That’s it! Just Hang your rod, fill your scoop with toys and hang the handle of the scoop over the shower rod. You will want to make sure your rod is close enough to the back wall to catch the handle when you drape it over. I hung ours about 3-4 inches from the wall. So easy!

Look at that, a clean tub!

Clean tub using toy organizer

I hope this bath toy organization hack helps you keep the bathtub kid clutter to a minimum. Now someone else could probably take a shower in there without having a sea of Mickey mouse squirters and rubber duckies floating at their feet!

Do you have a great hack that you use to organize bath tub toys?

6 Trim Healthy Mama Lunches For Work

The Trim Healthy Mama plan works for weight loss but it can seem overwhelming at first. The biggest complaints that I see on the Facebook groups regarding the plan is the large time and cooking commitment and that it costs too much. With proper planning, both of those can be easily overcome. Here you will find six Trim Healthy Mama lunches that you can take to work that require little prep work and are fairly economical.

The other complaint that I hear is that it is hard to know which type of meal (S or E) that you are consuming. Each of these meals will be labelled so that you can easily determine the fuel of the Trim Healthy Mama lunch that you are consuming. And if you want an extra THM S idea, read about my favorite protein packed salad here.

6 Trim Healthy Mama Lunches You can Take to Work

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Meal Prep Tip

I don’t like participating in the Sunday meal prep game. My Sundays are for church, family, rest and Pinterest (in that order). If it works for you great but if it doesn’t, here is what I do. I just cook extra of whatever meat that I make for dinner and then incorporate that extra into lunches during the week.

For example, I will have my husband grill a couple of extra chicken breasts which takes no extra time. I also brown my ground beef as soon as I buy it and then freeze it. Doing this makes a lunch with ground beef a cinch to pull together.

6 Trim Healthy Mama Lunches

I am trying to shed some of my leftover baby weight so I am currently sticking with one E meal or snack a day and the rest of my meals fall into the S category. If you are closer to goal weight, you may want to add in extra E meals or even some crossovers.

Grilled Chicken Salad – THM S

Salad included baby spinach and shredded cabbage, grilled chicken (leftover), boiled egg, shredded cheese, 1/2 an avocado, mini bell peppers and ranch dressing. Another of my salad favorites is the Mama’s salad. It is awesome because the protein requires no pre-cooking and you can read about it here.

Grilled Chicken Salad THM S

Sprouted Ham Sandwich – THM E

Most of my Trim Healthy Mama lunches this week were in the S category. I do try to have at least one E meal or snack a day. I find incorporating at least some carbs daily prevent me from getting that “Keto Flu” feeling. This E meal included a sandwich made on sprouted bread (my favorite is from Aldi) with lean ham, laughing cow cheese spread and baby spinach. As a side, I had blue corn tortilla chips with salsa and a small serving of blackberries.

Sprouted Sandwich with Blue Corn Chips THM E

Cheeseburger Salad – THM S

The cheeseburger salad was my favorite lunch all week. My husband grilled the burgers for this on Saturday but if you had this during the week, you could easily make an extra to warm up during the week for this salad. I put diced tomatoes, chopped dill pickles, red onion and ranch on this salad. It cured the itch for a burger on a (gasp) bun.

Cheeseburger Salad THM S

Tuna Salad Stuffed Avocado – THM S

Simply make an easy tuna salad and stuff it in your avocado. My tuna salad had dill pickles, a little greek yogurt and a little mayo, and boiled eggs (from Easter, hence the blue dye!). I thought the taste of this was really good but I did add a few pork rinds with this meal to provide a little crunch.

Tuna Salad Stuffed Avocado THM S

Loaded Pepper Nachos – THM S

I had seen many recipes for this type of lunch floating around the internet and it honestly just never appealed to me. However, one day I had mini peppers and leftover taco meat in my fridge so I gave it a chance. I was really pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Slice your peppers and roast for a few minutes in the oven, top with your warm taco meat and cheese. Cook for just a few minutes to melt the cheese. Then top with avocado, sour cream and salsa. Yum.

You could probably prep this (roast your peppers) and then just warm it up in the microwave if you needed to take it to work.

Loaded Pepper Nachos THM S

Pickle Cream Cheese Roll Ups – THM S

I eat this at least once every couple of weeks. I love how simple it is to put together. Simply spread some cream cheese on a piece of deli ham and wrap a dill pickle in it. Super easy and delicious. I served it with a side of strawberries and pepperoni chips. If you have never tried pepperoni chips, you are missing out. Just put the pepperoni slices between two paper towels and microwave for a minute or less until they are crunchy. I like to dip them in wing sauce or ranch.

Pickle Cream Cheese roll ups THM S

I hope these 6 Trim Healthy Mama Lunches help to show you that you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen or tons of money on special ingredients to stay on plan. With a little bit of planning, you can eat great all week.

If you are struggling with understanding the plan, I do highly recommend that you read the book. It will really help you to get a grasp of the way that they recommend that you separate fuels in order to maximize your weight loss.

Have you lost weight on THM? I am down 12 lbs in 4 weeks so far!

Losing Baby Weight With Trim Healthy Mama Without Feeling Deprived

Losing Baby Weight With Trim Healthy Mama – No Fuss Method

Lost 22 lbs with Trim Healthy Mama Postpartum

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Baby weight. It is so easy to put on and so hard to get off! (Can I get an AMEN?) My baby recently turned 5 months old and I still had a long long way to go in order to be able to get into anything besides my trusty ol’ sweatpants. I decided that it was time to get serious.

I started the Trim Healthy Mama plan about a year ago and quit. BUT I said it was time to get serious so I tried again. In my quest in losing baby weight with Trim Healthy Mama, I wanted to make it easy, no special ingredients, and conform as much to plan as I could.

I will share with you what worked for me and resulted in an 11 pound weight loss for me in just 3 weeks using Trim Healthy Mama.

Non-Purist Mama

What do I mean by that? If you are familiar with the plan, you know that the focus is on mostly non-processed, whole foods. I appreciate that and in an ideal world that would be wonderful. However, I am a mom, work full time, write this blog, pretend to have a social life etc. and sometimes I just need some help. In the book (that I highly recommend that you read BEFORE starting), they talk about “Drive Thru Sues.” These are women that use convenience foods on occasion to make choices that are mostly on plan & better than eating a big fat value meal from a fast food chain. I’m probably mostly a non-purist because of my coffee. I am just not messing with my meticulously perfected formula of sugar and creamer to make my perfect cup of copy. (I did adjust my sugar but more on that below!).

No Special Ingredients

If you follow the Trim Healthy Mama Facebook pages or read the cookbooks, you will see lots of recipes with Special ingredients. I chose to do my first 2 weeks without any special ingredients. Remember when I said that I quit THM once before? I attribute part of that to special ingredients. The special ingredients complicate the process for newbies in my humble opinion.

Also, I like to save money and one of the biggest complaints I hear on the Facebook pages is that this plan is too expensive. The special ingredients, while sometimes nice to have, are what I find adds to the expense. So it is nice to know that you don’t have to have them to be successful.

What Happens if I Don’t Follow the Plan 100%?

THM All Or Nothing

One big thing that I like about the Trim Healthy Mama weight loss plan is that they preach about giving yourself grace. If you don’t eat “on plan” they tell you to get back on plan in 3 hours and keep chugging along. I differ from the plan a little here because I make exceptions that are OK for me (remember that not a purist comment).

I explain this not to distract from the message of THM but to encourage someone that might think they could do some of the plan but not 100% comply and don’t want to start as a result. When I first started, I was kind of scared to try it and not be 100% on plan. Terrified it would make me gain instead of lose. Here are some examples of where I vary from plan as a non-purist:

  • Coconut Sugar – I have previously had severe adverse reactions to sweeteners. Although Stevia is natural, I try to use it sparingly because it honestly just scares me. I use a very scant 1/2 teaspoon of coconut sugar in my coffee (Usually x 2 because being Mom = Coffee!)
  • Prepared Dressings – I do look for salad dressings that have a low sugar content but if it has an off plan oil or other ingredient it just doesn’t bother me (If you are a purist, just skip this paragraph!)
  • Protein – I don’t always eat a protein with every snack. I do agree with doing it but life happens and I just can’t always make it happen.
  • Prepared Sauces – I use regular soy sauce, worstershire sauce, prepared mayo etc. I just don’t have the time to make my own and I don’t want to invest the extra money into the ones that are on plan. I do always look for the best choice that is within my budget.
  • Shredded Cheese – sometimes the pre-shredded cheese is coated with potato starch to prevent it from clumping together. If you like to shred your own – go for it.

It is appropriate to mention that you should try to follow the plan as closely as possible when losing baby weight with Trim Healthy Mama. I do believe in the fuel separation method that the sisters created because it works.

However, an off plan oil as an example doesn’t bother me much especially if it is between eating a salad with one off plan ingredient salad dressing or eating a pound of street tacos. I understand that some people follow the plan 100% to the tee and I respect that. But think that is why I quit the first time, because I tried to be perfect. I now choose to give myself grace and do what works for me. And it is paying off on the scale.

Losing Baby Weight With Trim Healthy Mama: My 2 Week Meal Diary Of What I Ate

Pounds Lost Week 1 – 4.8

Losing baby weight with Trim Healthy Mama plan

Day 1:

Breakfast S Meal: Coffee with Coconut Sugar & Coffee Mate Creamer (off Plan); Vanilla Greek Yogurt (I don’t eat the 000 yogurt that most eat on plan & yes mine did have a small amount of added sugar); 5 strawberries, Cheese cubes, Salami

Lunch S Meal: Cream cheese & ham (regular deli ham) pickle roll ups, sweet peppers and premade guac, small handful of cashews

Dinner Off Plan/XO: Crockpot Salsa chicken, creamed corn, black eyed peas (couple of tablespoons), glass of Red wine, and a gourmet cupcake (totally NOT on plan).

*So in typical fashion, I start a diet on day 1 and eat a cupcake. My birthday was the day before and I went to my mom’s house for dinner. She had those huge, gourmet cupcakes as my treat – she didn’t know I had started a diet! Anyways, if someone buys me a $6 cupcake I am eating it! Grace and I started back 3 hours later.

Day 2:

Breakfast S Meal: Coffee with Coconut Sugar & Coffee Mate Creamer (off Plan); 2 boiled eggs (would be great to add some berries or veggies to this but I just didn’t have time)

Lunch S Meal: Mixed greens, black olives, cheddar cheese, kielbasa, Olive Garden Dressing (off plan)

Dinner S Meal: Cheesy Salsa chicken with Cauliflower rice

Snack E Meal: Applesauce pouch (should have added a protein)

Day 3:

Breakfast S Meal: Coffee with Coconut Sugar & Coffee Mate Creamer (off Plan); 2 egg omelet with cheese and ham

Lunch E Meal: White Northern Beans and Turkey Ham,  bell pepper & applesauce

Dinner S Meal: Chicken Alfredo over zoodles

Day 4:

Breakfast S Meal: Coffee with Coconut Sugar & Coffee Mate Creamer (off Plan); omelet with cheese, ham and roasted bell pepper

Snack E Meal: Banana (should have added a protein)

Lunch S Meal: Leftover cheesy chicken with cauliflower rice

Snack S Meal: String cheese and 2 turkey meat sticks (probably not on plan but fit with low carb)

Dinner E Meal: Grilled Buffalo chicken, salad, small amount of cheese and guac, cup of black beans and half a banana

Day 5:

Breakfast S Meal:Coffee with Coconut Sugar & Coffee Mate Creamer (off Plan); Cheese slices and turkey meat sticks (not perfectly on plan but fit with low carb)

Lunch S Meal: smoked salmon, cashews, raspberries, blueberries

Dinner XO Meal: Taco Soup with cheese and sour cream; 2 Michelob Ultra (beer and taco soup kinda go together? Not on plan but I try to choose a lower carb beer if I choose to indulge)

Snack E Meal: Skinny Pop & Vitamin Zero Water (Not on plan)

*I was at a friends house for dinner and bunko so my dinner was a crossover. I love that you can eat what is served at an event and not completely fall off the wagon.

Day 6:

Breakfast S Meal:Coffee with Coconut Sugar & Coffee Mate Creamer (off Plan); Cheese and Bacon Omelet

Lunch FP: Grilled chicken salad with cucumbers, olives, small amount of cheese, Olive Garden Dressing (not on plan)

Snack S Meal: Cucumber, Salami and cheese “sandwiches”

Dinner XO Meal : Chili with Beans, Sour cream & cheese on top, Side of chicken sausage, 2 glasses of red wine

*I have no special occasion for the wine here. I just love wine. HA. Not on plan.

Day 7:

Breakfast S Meal: Coffee with Coconut Sugar & Coffee Mate Creamer (off Plan); 2 ham slices fried, scrambled eggs and berries

Lunch XO Meal: Meatloaf (scraped ketchup off), green beans, couple of spoonfuls of carrots, slaw (I was at my grandmother’s house so I didn’t control the meal but I made the best choices that I could)

Snack E Meal: String cheese and 1/2 banana

Dinner E Meal : Chili with beans over zoodles, 1/2 pear

Snack E Meal : Skinny pop (should have added protein)

Week 2

Pounds Lost Week 2 – 6.2

Day 8:

Breakfast E Meal:Coffee with Coconut Sugar & Coffee Mate Creamer (off Plan); overnight oats with berries (no sweeteners)

Lunch S Meal: chicken sausage and green beans (this is probably pretty close to a fuel pull because the fat in the sausage that I buy is low)

Dinner E Meal: Salsa Chicken, green beans, brown rice

Snack S Meal: Halo Top Icecream (personal choice)

Day 9:

Breakfast – Didn’t eat; Coffee with Coconut Sugar & Coffee Mate Creamer (off Plan);

Lunch Off Plan – Lenny’s 7.5 inch sub with veggies and mayo; My husband picked us up lunch and I asked for a salad but they didn’t prepare it correctly. He had been out of town and I chose to give myself grace and eat the lunch my husband brought me.

Dinner E Meal: Chicken tacos with beans on low carb tortilla

Day 10:

Breakfast S Meal: Coffee with Coconut Sugar & Coffee Mate Creamer (off Plan); Ham & Cheese omelet

Lunch S Meal: Salad with grilled chicken, cheese; Halo top

Snack E Meal: banana and string cheese

Dinner E meal: Grilled chicken, Carrots, Green peas

Day 11:

Breakfast S Meal: Coffee with Coconut Sugar & Coffee Mate Creamer (off Plan), 2 Boiled eggs and 2 pieces of bacon

Lunch S Meal: Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Sushi Roll ups

Snack E Meal: Banana and light String cheese

Dinner E Meal: 2 grilled chicken tenderloins, sweet potato and baby spinach salad

Day 12:

Breakfast S Meal:  Coffee with Coconut Sugar & Coffee Mate Creamer (off Plan), 2 Boiled eggs and 2 pieces of bacon

Lunch S Meal: Longhorn Steakhouse – Parmesan crusted chicken with broccoli and 3 chicken wings with ranch. None of this was likely perfectly on plan but I tried to make a choice that would put me in S territory.

Dinner S Meal: Leftovers from lunch and cheesy zucchini


My baby is now 12 months old (in non-mom talk that is 1 year but I am not ready to say that yet about my baby!) and I am still losing baby weight with trim healthy mama. My total weight loss with THM is 38lbs so far. That brings my total postpartum weight loss to 60lbs. Wow. It is crazy to think that A. I gained that much with my pregnancy and B. that  I have lost that much! I want to lose about 20 more give or take!

Losing baby weight with Trim Healthy Mama has been a great plan for me. I hope that sharing my interpretation of the plan in the way that I follow it will inspire someone to start. Of course following it 100% perfectly is probably best but don’t let the need for perfection stop you. You can lose weight following the plan most of the time.

If you need some other Trim Healthy Mama meal ideas to get you started, check out my post with 6 THM lunches, a protein packed “S” Salad, 5 THM Lunches with Leftover Chicken, and a Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Sushi Roll.

Other popular Protecting Your Pennies recipes:

Low Carb (THM S) Microwave Egg Scramble

Salsa Verde Chicken with Cauliflower Rice (THM S)

Easy Green Salsa Chicken with Cauliflower rice Recipe - Keto- low carb - Trim Healthy Mama S Meal


Car Vomit Clean Up Bag

Why do kids always throw up in the car? Out of all the times that my little one has gotten sick, about 90% of those times have been in the carseat. It makes me that much more thankful that I am not driving a nice, new car. I think I will hang onto my trusty old car until we make it through these young and vomit filled years! After this last incident, I have stocked my car vomit clean up bag with everything needed to get rid of those yucky messes.

We were literally pulling into the school parking lot recently and she tells me her stomach hurts. I did not even have a minute before I heard that dreaded sound. You see it coming but there is no way to stop it. You just have to let it happen. All over the carseat and floor. Even her little stuffed cat was subjected to the horror of car vomiting.

I proceeded to try and clean up the best that I could until we got home. I go to my trunk and discover I have not one baby wipe, towel or napkin in my car (I have a newborn ya’ll! I should have a baby wipe on me at all times). My poor girl had to ride home covered in a horrible mess. I rotated between holding my breath and spraying Lysol in the car (because every respectable mom would have Lysol, just no baby basics like wipes). After the 20 minute ride home in this condition, I vowed a solemn vow to myself to never leave home without a well stocked car vomit clean up kit.

Vomit Car Clean up Kit

So after my disaster of an experience I decided to create a little kit that I could keep in my car all the time to help in a time of tummy crisis. Here is what you need in order to create your own car vomit clean up bag. Trust me, do it before you need it or you will find yourself on your front lawn with a water hose, vomit soaked clothes and a carseat fit for the trash can.

Car Vomit Clean Up Bag Contents:

  1. Vinyl Gloves: These are a must for me. I literally could not even unbuckle my child from her seat without being exposed to bodily fluid. The gloves keep things sanitary and will help prevent the spreading of germs. Heck – put in 2 pair.
  2. Store shopping bags or Garbage bag: You want a bag or two depending on the size to help you in your disposal process to keep things as clean as possible. You may be pulled over on the side of a road and not have access to a trash can. I like to bundle up all the trash into the bag, tied it & throw it in the trunk. You can also use an extra store bag to give to the child until you get to your destination in case they feel sick again.
  3. Roll of Paper Towels: This is for the first round of clean up to get rid of the bulk of the mess.
  4. Clorox Wipes: These are the 2nd round of clean up for me to help with sanitation but just as importantly the smell. You are going to have to do more cleaning at home but this will help you be more comfortable on your drive home.
  5. Lysol Spray: I like to have this on hand too. Helps with germs and smell. Win Win. Remember that this and the wipes should not be sprayed or used on your carseat because it could disturb the integrity of the seat. Refer to your user manual.
  6. Anti-bacterial Soap: My daughter calls this magic soap and I have to agree. It is a little magical to smell the burning smell of alcohol after you get finished cleaning up a mess like this.
  7. Change of Clothes: Depending on the age of your child, you might be able to get away with a change of underwear and a big T-shirt. If you have an older child or live somewhere with extreme temperatures, you may be better off rotating a full set of clothes seasonally. Something inexpensive or even something that was ruined with a little stain or hole are great options to throw in the bag.

Throw all of that into your kit and feel better that you are now prepared to handle most messes that come your way! How do you prepare for childhood messes?